Our Story

GameShift grew from aspirational roots. We share a view that organisations shape the world, and that better organisations can shape a better world in service of flourishing at every level.

We were created to support participative ways of working, to harness collective insight and energy, to enable people and organisations to address their biggest challenges and opportunities together.

We’ve grown to a team of 20 people and come to be recognised by the Financial Times as one of the UK’s Leading Management Consultants.

Our Founders

If you’ve worked with us before, the likelihood is it started with a conversation with one of our founders, Chris Nichols and Philippa Hardman.

They set up GameShift in 2011 with the ambition of bringing the frontiers of organisational practice to the pursuit of business results.

They bring a rich mix of differences – authenticity, grit and creativity focused on practical outcomes for GameShift’s clients.

Our Team

We are people who look beyond the obvious and go beyond commonplace solutions. We work in innovative and interesting ways that open up new possibilities for action.

Our team brings richly diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences, and are united by their application of rigorous action research methods and systems thinking.

We combine strong business & commercial acumen with powerful frameworks, rigorous methodologies and creative practices. We have a demonstrable track record of delivering game-shifting outcomes.

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