May 2024

Taking time to think

May 2024

Has the Divine Right of Kings really ended?

April 2024

“Games” – it’s not just playing about

March 2024

Taking a fresh look at Vertical Development: A Pop-up event with George Collins

March 2024

Diving deep into the reality of transformation – introducing George Collins

February 2024

Seven years with the best – GameShift awarded FT Ranking again

February 2024

The power of difference: reflections on our recent “pop-up” event on neurodiversity in senior leaders.

February 2024

“I like to know how things work” – Introducing Becky Ray

January 2024

Acting on Purpose – a morning with Will Gardner

December 2023

Lessons from the Flightdeck – with Howard Atkins

September 2023

At the edge of the unknown, Dr Eve Poole offers “a hymn, not a eulogy”.

July 2023

The Art of Improvisation – with Alex Steele

June 2023

Writing, Wellbeing & the Art of the Possible: Spending a while with Julie Drybrough

May 2023

Making sense of the Great Unheard

February 2023

GameShift celebrates a sixth year of FT recognition – and launches GameShift Scotland

December 2022

How to have a good conversation about race at work

October 2022

Shifting the dynamics of a strategy conversation in WaterAid

October 2022

Bringing work alive through imagination and creativity

September 2022

Opening up strategy

May 2022

The shift that really matters

April 2022

Always we begin again

March 2022

Bringing the Citizen Story to life

February 2022

Do strategy better

February 2022

The Prime Minister knitted me a jumper

January 2022

Meet Kay Nash. GameShift’s first thinking partner to be based on the African continent

December 2021

Reflections on burnout

November 2021

“Quiet work, bold challenge: one of the best consultants I’ve ever met”- a profile of GameShift co-founder Philippa Hardman

November 2021

Light at the ends of the earth

November 2021

Naming the game and choosing to change it. Creating a glimpse of what is possible.

November 2021

Human, radical and deeply experienced ….

October 2021

“Business School ‘thinking’ has become piffle, hiding its cliches and self-interest in plain sight” says John Higgins.

October 2021

Using Purpose as a catalyst for positive change

October 2021

“One Voice Can Change The World”

October 2021

“It’s the connection. It’s always the connection”

October 2021

“Know your mind” – How a marriage of languages creates powerful insight and change

October 2021

Working with the feel and sense of messy situations

October 2021

Igniting the spark – from pro-tour to prototype

October 2021

“Nothing Stands Alone” – The systems thinker who creates beacons of possibility

October 2021

Seeing with heart – a breakthrough beyond words

September 2021

Listening without prejudice: the boardroom facilitator with the sure touch of a pilot

September 2021

Humanity at a threshold – working with deep relationships, and the insights of eastern culture

September 2021

Hope and Hopelessness – a conversation about activism

September 2021

A brilliant explorer, who brings work alive

September 2021

Thinking Partner

September 2021

Peeking into our new brand

April 2021

Sparks in the dark – learning the lessons from social enterprise in some of the world poorest communities.

March 2021

Where do we go from here? – An introduction to business ethics

March 2021

I’m feeling virtually human

December 2020

Teams in Turbulence: How meta-cognition and compassion have emerged as foundations for collaborative leaders in an era of systems shift

October 2020

Speaking Truth to Power: With John Higgins

September 2020

Zen Doodling with Doug Shaw – A moment in the life of the GameShift community

September 2020

Reflect, Reconnect, Reset

August 2020

The Garden

July 2020

Purpose Driven Business: With Will Gardner

June 2020

Standing out by standing up

October 2019

The light-touch programme with a Masters-level impact

April 2019

Releasing the hidden languages of strategy

November 2018

Introducing the Evolved Value Framework

August 2018

Responsible Business: The Edge For Action

November 2017

Power abuse: moving beyond the dance of blame

October 2017

Letter to Directors

September 2017

Even brilliant bosses should think twice about facilitating large groups

September 2017

Seeing how “Trickster” makes the world anew – Powerful stories where the alchemy of shifting your strategic posture brings change to life

Leadership After COVID-19

Chapter contribution by Chris Nichols, Philippa Hardman, Michael Chaskalson


Philippa Hardman & Chris Nichols

The Chief Strategy Officer Playbook

Chapter contribution by Chris Nichols and Philippa Hardman

Management Development That Works

Patricia Hind (chapter contribution by Chris Nichols)

What you need to know about strategy

Jo Whitehead (chapter contribution by Chris Nichols and Philippa Hardman)

Speak Up!

John Higgins and Megan Reitz

Leadership Unravelled

John Higgins and Mark Cole

Leadership for Sustainability: an action research approach

Judy Marshall, Gill Colman, Peter Reason (chapter contributions by Helen Sieroda & James Barlow)

SAGE Handbook of Counselling & Psychotherapy (4th Edition)

Chapter contribution by Helen Sieroda

Mindfulness in 8 Weeks

Michael Chaskalson

The Mindful Workplace

Michael Chaskalson

The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Leadership, Change, and Organizational Development

H. Skipton Leonard, Rachel Lewis, Arthur M. Freedman, Jonathan Passmore, (chapter contribution by Michael Chaskalson)

The Routledge Companion to Mindfulness at Work

Contribution by Michael Chaskalson

Mind Time

Michael Chaskalson and Megan Reitz

Mindfulness for Coaches: an experiential guide

Michael Chaskalson and Mark McMordie

The Wise Leader

Michael Chaskalson, Chris Nichols & Philippa Hardman

Taking Collective Intelligence Seriously

Olga Ghazaryan, William Garrood, and John Higgins

Aiming to Nourish the More Human Organisation

Michael Chaskalson, Helen Sieroda, Chris Nichols & Philippa Hardman

Team Mindfulness

Michael Chaskalson, Helen Sieroda, Chris Nichols & Philippa Hardman

AIM for a Thriving Planet

Michael Chaskalson, Helen Sieroda, Chris Nichols & Philippa Hardman

AIM for the New Frontiers of Work

Michael Chaskalson, Chris Nichols & Philippa Hardman

AIM for Fairness

Michael Chaskalson, Chris Nichols & Philippa Hardman

When Life Knocks, Listen

Chris Nichols

We Interrupt This Programme…

Chris Nichols & Philippa Hardman

Stepping lightly into strategic collaboration

Chris Nichols & Philippa Hardman

The Fierce Green Fire and the Heart of the Cosmos

Chris Nichols

How to Look Deeper

Chris Nichols & Chris Seeley

Six Shadows

Chris Nichols & Chris West

Strategy as Relationship: The Four Sided Triangle

Chris Nichols

A 6P Framework

Chris Nichols

Forget ‘Buy-in’ – Try Engaged Participation

Chris Nichols

Starting a Participative Strategic Conversatoin

Chris Nichols,Dev Mookherjee & Jeremy Brazil

Fit for Purpose

Chris Nichols